Book Review: Brimstone

Title: Brimstone

Author: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Reviewed by: Sheryl Anderson

Brimstone is a modern version of the locked room mystery. It begins with the discovery of the body of Jeremy Grove. He is found in a locked room, with furniture shoved against the door, so you know the killer didn’t just lock the door behind him. His corpse is lying on a bed, burnt to a crisp, with the rest of the room untouched by fire, and a single cloven hoofprint burned into the floor by the bed.

The two main detectives on the case are Sergeant Vincent D’Agosta and FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. D’Agosta is a former NYPD officer, currently working for the South Hampton PD which is where this first murder takes place. Pendergast is a quirky, cultured, and fascinating genius who just happens to be an FBI agent as well. They follow the case from its beginning in South Hampton to New York and later to Italy trying to put together how all the victims are connected and what exactly is going on. Is it really the devil killing these men as some people believe or something else entirely?

The story has elements of art and music history woven through it, it’s not just a simple thriller. Some aspects of the case in fact are rooted in the past, not the present. There are also references to Pendergast’s past and previous books featuring him. They do not detract from the story, but rather serve as interesting bits that make you want to read the other books. There are several prior books featuring Agent Pendergast, but they can be read independently of this. Brimstone does happen to be the first book of a trilogy featuring D’Agosta and Pendergast however.

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