Summer Reading, part two

Summer Reading, part two
by Connie Barrington

I spent my summer enjoying some of the typical beach books, from mysteries to adventure stories and romances. Suzanne Brockmann brings back old favorites from her Troubleshooters series in Hot Pursuit, while still providing the requisite new romance and action. J.A. Jance also sticks with favorites, intertwining a story involving Seattle’s Beaumont with Arizona Sheriff Brady. For Valleyites the discussion of dunes and buggies in the story will remind you a bit of home.

My reading included the latest Evanovich. Finger-Licking Fifteen is smoking fun as our heroine, Stephanie Plum, becomes embroiled in a barbeque-related homicide. The usual gang is present in the “Burg”, as are the usual laughs. If the title implies fast food, the analogy carries over to how I felt about the book, delicious and easily downed, if not awfully sustaining.

I did find a book that will stick with me long after it gets cooler here in the Valley. Simply Alice spoke to me. It is the story, from her perspective, of a Harvard professor in her early 50s who gets early onset Alzheimer’s. While fiction, I learned quite a bit about the disease. I felt for the main character in her struggle to maintain some portion of herself in her memory. This is one worth reading, even if you do not know someone who is afflicted.

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Teen Read Week Book Reviews – Books with “Bite”

Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber.  Young fans do not have to miss out on the vampire craze.  Schreiber writes a clean, junior-high acceptable, series with a Goth heroine who falls for the new guy at school, only to learn he lives a creepy mansion.

A high school boy is at the center of a demon’s attempt to take a vacation from Hell in Repossessed.  Award-winning young adult author A.M. Jenkins takes a thoughtful look at what it means to be human and shows there is hope for us all in this humorous take on the subject.

For the older high school student Vampire Diaries by L.A. Banks has become a classic.  The two-volume, four book set, deals with high school-age twins getting caught up in something they do not fully comprehend.    A.M. Jenkins provides a sensual ghost story, Beating Heart, in a format that combines narrative and poetry.  It is a truly haunting story.

Reviewed by: Connie Barrington

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Mini Reviews

The ICFL offers some pleasant listening….

Playing for Pizza is a catchy title, especially with someone like me, a pizzaholic.  I just finished listening to John Grisham’s book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  For anyone who wants a pleasant story, combined with loving descriptions of Italian food and various fabulous locales, this is it.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my waistline) there were no pizza recipes, but check out this story of a down on his luck former NFL player and the Italian team he quarterbacks.

And some food for thought, such as John Zogby’s The Way We’ll Be. From his introduction of “the first globals” tag for our eighteen to twenty-nine year olds, Zogby is looking at nothing less than what he calls a “transformation” of the American Dream. He discusses the four “meta-movements” that he sees in his polling; from recognizing limits and being inner directed to demanding authenticity and being open to diversity, things are changing.

Reviewed by: Connie Barrington

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